Have you had a customer ask, “Where do these ideas come from?" If she only knew I had drawn a blank how I should complete this style but thankfully I had an epiphany in the middle of the night!!
How do you note or sketch your millinery design ideas?

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I am also curious to know how others sketch millinery ideas… I am able to sketch out clothing ideas, yet when it comes to hats I am somehow not able to render them very well^   Does anyone know of any tutorials?

Hi get yourself a copy of hat magazine - even a cheap backdated issue is useful!  Under millinery sketches page you will see various style of sketches..... Trust me they are not elaborate drawings.... Just neat sketches were the ideas for production are well translated. If not get the book Fashion design studio - how to draw figures, clothes and accessories by Chris Hart!  You might find on eBay for less than £10.

I just purchased Chris Hart's book, and that has certainly kick-started my sketch journal!! I'm just throwing ideas down; I'll never know when they will come in handy. Having trained as an architect, in school we were taught to never throw out our yellow trace sketches!!! So they'd end up in a heap all over the floor!  And sure enough, some little tidbit might re-surface to appear in the design. So all little crazy sketches and ideas are worth the journal. I'm glad for that little book.

And as with any design I'm working on, my sketch notes are just that, notes. And I will re-arrange ideas all through the "making" process; because the mind does love to stay busy.



Well done glad it helped!

I may start with a sketch, but most of my creating happens when I am actually working on the hat.  Most times my ideas come when I am either sleeping, or working on mundane tasks.  My brain likes to stay busy.

I have started to do a rough sketch, I found I was wasting a lot of extra money on supplies I didn't need. I now make a plan of what I have in my head, jot down the items and order accordingly.

Check out our Client Consulation Sheet which has the designer model just waiting for you to add a sketch of the hat or fascinator style! Keep a record of each consultation to remind you of styling details from last order.

Thank you :)

When I sew clothing, I always do a sketch but when I do a hat it seems the materials "speak" to me and guide the creative process.  I do, however, take digital pictures along the way and especially in the trimming stage.  I usually have more than one idea of how to trim a hat so I will pin each of these ideas to the hat body, snap a picture and compare them side by side on the computer.  I also keep the "rejected" ones for future hat ideas.  I have tons of books and magazines for inspiration.

One of the first things we were told at design school (what feels like a gazillion years ago), was to buy a book with blank pages and sketch, draw, stick fabrics, the lot, to keep hold of all the ideas.  This has stuck.  Every new season since then, - previously clothing ranges, I would start a new book, black cover, spiral bound, blank pages.  These are in the bookshelf of resources.    For individual clients, each has a file, with a specification sheet, including contact details, date required, budget etc.  Details of the event the item is for, plus any pictures they may have collected to start off the idea. 

I have been doing the same for my recent head wear range.  The black bound book has been invaluable.

Thanks for the idea of keeping a design book loaded with all the goodies you mentioned, Roz! Just happen to have a couple right up on my shelf. I am so new to this hat making process, and I just tucked in to my first "on-line" lesson on making fascinators. I'm totally in love with this! And inspired. Now, I'm off to collect.....


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