Commercial Felt for Base of Headpiece

I just watched the Head piece and Fascinator video and had a question about using felt as a base.

I have commercial felt, Lots of it...and i see it is mentioned in the end. Does it need to be doubled, or is it stiff enough on its own to be used as a base for a headpiece?

Thanks so much


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Hi Judith, Whatever is used needs to be strong enough to support the covering and the weight of your trim & not too heavy. It all depends on thickness of felt and I imagine we are talking about commercial felt often used in upholstery industry as toy/craft felt is too fine even if stiffened. Experimentation is our best teacher so I suggest you cut off small piece 2 inches square and stiffen it with preferred stiffener to see how stiff it becomes and if it will not dent under pressure. Also test if a needle can penetrate after stiffening as you need to do hand stitching at some stage. If you find you need to double layer the felt you have thickness to deal with plus added weight and for a headpiece if too heavy has tendency to move on head. As you are covering base in fabric or straw the base felt will not be seen but you will probably still need to line it depending on appearance of stiff surface of felt produced underneath. If felt has smooth even surface you could use over buckram base as explained in lesson Test drive it all. Hope this helps - Elaine 


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