Do your pets love your Studio as much as you do? Caught Sheba sitting in this hat keeping herself cosy & warm! What the clients do not know will not hurt them...

Caption this photo, make us laugh and win 10 meters of vintage swiss straw* that you can use for the new Swiss Straw Course!

*Worldwide postage included, competition ends 5/06/15

Ten metres of Swiss braid to Marion Lowe for her caption which brought a smile to our guest milliner/judge.

Hope this parcel heading to UK gives you a reason to smile also Marion. 
Thanks to all contributors who gave new meaning to this candid shot.- Hat Academy Team

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I guess you could say that the artistic talent runs in the family. :-)

Please, I am trying to create my next masterpiece!

Does this hat make my butt look big?

OMG bloody paparazzi always catching me in a compromising position.....

"I have finally decided.  I'll take this one.  It fits me soooo well!"

It's not a hatinator darling, it's a catinator - someone needs to fill in Stephen Jones on the 2015 spring trends darling.....

"Put down the Martini glass, your not a magician, I'm not a rabbit and this is not a top hat!"


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