As I am very new to hat making I will run the risk of asking what may seem a foolish question.

Can I buy wool felt by the yard /metre?
Or should I buy felt hoods etc which seem readily available?
As yet I only have one basic dome block to work with .

Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated,
Mary Larkin

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I buy millinery grade wool felt from this U.S. supplier:  

Judith M Hat and Millinery Supplies

I use it to make sewn hats from flat patterns.  If I'm gonna' block a hat, I use a hood or a capeline.  I like the velour rabbit fur hoods better than the wool.  
I've tried blocking flat felt and didn't enjoy it very much.  There may be a trick to it of which I'm unaware.  
Hope this helps. 

Flat felt can be bought but is best used for sewn, flat-pattern hats.  It doesn't block very well.

Hoods (sleeves) or capelines are best for blocking as they conform properly to shape and are designed specifically for millinery.  Fur felt (velour) blocks so much more easily than wool felt.  When well steamed it stretches quite a lot and you can get a lot of hat out of one hood.   Wool felt hoods are not so flexible but generally a little cheaper.  

Hope this helps  :)    


I bought the flat wool felt from Judith M a while ago, and I must say I don't like it. I found much nicer flat wool felt (though not in a large size) from an Etsy seller TheFeltPod.

But I would echo what Greer said 100%. Flat wool felt is too thin to hold its shape when blocked, so you'd probably need to use it in conjunction with buckram anyway.

I suggest buying 1 of a variety of things (flat felt, wool hood, fur felt hood, etc.) and play around to see what you like working with the best. 

You bring up a good point, Kristin.  There is much variation within one type of material.  I think Sinamay is a good example.  It took me three tries before I found Sinamay I liked to work with. 

Thank you so much ladies for your very helpful replies. Your experience in using the most suitable type of felt for blocking has helped me avoid costly mistakes. I think I will learn to block fur felt first and perhaps when I have mastered that technique I will try out other types of felt. Again, my sincere thanks.

Don't forget Mary, flat felt can be used to make fabulous bands, flowers and other trims ... :)

Hi Kristin and All-

I have been looking at different wool felts for making hats from patterns.  And, I have seen 1.2mm, 1.5mm and 3mm weights.  What weight of flat felt should be used for making sewn hats from patterns?  I have made some, not so great and costly mistakes, in some of the fabric choices I have made.  :-(

Thanks much for your help.

I tried out many flat wool companies before I found a few that I will order from that are not 95 a yard.  I prefer working with Sinamay because it forms so easy but also know that winter requires wools and furs I also found Southerland felt also has eco felt for the animal friendly individuals. 

I wanted felt that would all match from hat to trimmings which is why I started with  flat felt.  There is a company called http://www.hatshapers.com  where you can buy a shaper for 23 that will shape a capline I found this easy on the days I give myself off from thinking.  I just shape and go.  All the blocks run 23 Not sure if they speicial size 

Easy Hat Blocks  http://www.easyhatblocks.com  I don't know if it will get you a discount but say Lisa Greene sent you. I buy all my blocks from them and hatshapers.

on Etsy are fabulous they will up size any hat block and don't really ask alot.  They were even able to supply me with hat forms that match the American Doll heads that can also be used as lolita fascinators.  So I have Mommy me and dolly hat forms that match and think I spent 745 something for Slant, round, pill box  and pork pie slant crowns with 1 inch filler and 2 inch filler in size 25" also included same for doll but with a brim that is slanted and flat.  

I have found that 22.5 can be stretched out to 24 tops with a cowboy jack and will fit the average white woman.

I had to get the 25" which could be stretched to 27/28 tops for African American woman to accommodate for weaves and tight curls this threw me the first few times as I was trying to squash the hats on models heads before they finally started to laugh at me over my frustration once one took her wig off the 22.5 fit so I was an ignorant doofus who didn't research how many inches a weave or wig adds to a head measurement.  I now ask clients if they tend to wear them.

Hope this helps some

Hi Lisa-

I am interested in, both fur hoods and flat felt for hand sewing hats and am looking for supplier options for the felt.  Would you please share the names of companies you are using for your felt?

Thanks much.


So sorry it took me so long

  I pop on and off  here are pictures of the company I use.  Each year they will send out a new sheet so you can feel the weight and style.

The company is called The Felt People


Located in Bloomingdale, NJ  USA

Thank you so much!!!



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