Hello all! I’m working on branching out a bit into some new technical areas and I’m having a hard time finding any good technical resources on making brushed felt hats (the ones that end up looking furry).

Can any of you fine folks point me in a good direction?

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Hi Matthew Presume you need this type of Melusine felt  used in this top hat. Not easy to source. https://www.christys-hats.com/luxury-black-fur-felt-melusine-top-hat   Found vintage hood here https://millineryhub.com.au/product/sleeve-fur-felt-melusine-vintag...   and others here - hope this helps , Elaine https://www.hatsupply.com/?s=melusine+felt&post_type=product

Thank you, I will take a look at that.

To clarify, the look I'm going for is something like how the brushed felt looks on this hat. 1960's Red And Black Brushed Felt Hat - image 4

I'm specifically looking for any descriptive sources that talk about how the felt is handled to produce the furry look and if it requires certain kinds of preparation at specific points in the felting process.

Matthew, If you click on the following links: 



You will find hoods and capelines that have the long hair that your are speaking about.  They are made with long hair that can be brushed flat around and around to create the sheen one often sees on a top hat or you can leave it more "furry" as you called it.  They do arrive with the long knap when we ship them to our customers.  I hope this helps.  


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