I am working with guipure lace for the first time and I would like to place it over a improvised top hat wire frame.
I appreciate any advice on if it is best to stretch the fabric slightly over the frame before stiching to get a firm appearance (particularly on the brim) , or do you have to stiffen the lace first? Additionally, do I have to prepare the lace pair to blocking it?


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Hello dear 

I suppose you would try to stretch your fabric on a mad hatter crown slightly if you have one. 
This was my case I was able to stretch a piece of bardic that way. 
I you do not own a mad hatter crown you will have to be creative with what you have around the house that would give you that slanted shape.

How did create your wired cage?

I do not have a small mad hatter version and I spent all afternoon doing this same thing. Not sure my « cage » is sturdy enough and what to do next?

thank you much


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