Hi All,  A customer has given me a real Mink hat that she would like "re-shaped".  I have unpicked it and the brim is rather stiff and brittle (from glue I think as its very sticky) not to mention old.   The main crown however seems to be ok. 

She would like it re-blocked to make a Cossack hat.  I'm not sure if I should steam it or soak it before blocking?   Any advice  would be very much appreciated

Thank you


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Would love to know how this worked out for you.

Hi Bridget

Well, it took a great deal of patience given how old and brittle it was, but a little steaming and stretching each day and I finally got there!! Took well over 3 weeks as I could only pull a little at a time but client was happy.  Not one of my most profitable pieces lol!!

Do you have a before and after pic Jayne? We learn so much through renos but never ahead dollar wise.  Maybe the happy customer will want a new hat next time - repeat custom is what we work towards.  

Thank you for the information. Older pieces require a lot of patience and care, but I love the opportunity to examine vintage pieces.


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