I'm still to use felt but had a thought today that I'd like to make my little girls winter felt hats and as they have smaller head sizes was wondering how well felt would block on a styrofoam head? Apart from covering in foil, would there be any other things I would need to consider?

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Just make sure the foil is as smooth as possible using the back of your thumb nail to smooth over. You will only get a shallow crown but should work ok.  

Thank you Elaine.

Melissa, watch Ebay for small crown size blocks.  You can pick up the smaller blocks used to make bombshell hats from the 30's and 40's fairly cheaply.  I have blocks as small as 18"-19". 

It certainly couldn't hurt to try. We've used them for buckram.
Sometimes it worth it to try the unconventional. You never know what kind of wonderful you may discover .... Or terrible :-) , but the possibility is worth the try.

Thank you ladies, I'm curious what a bombshell hat is now Bridget.

Bombshell hats is the term given to the small hats that were worn during WWII.  Most of them perched higher on the head and were made with small brims.  During the war materials became scarce and more expensive, so hat designers began making smaller hats.  From what I understand, the term came about in reference to women taking cover in basements during the bombings in Europe. 

Oh wow, thank you Bridget. I looked up "bombshell hats" on pinterest out of curiosity and came up with pictures of ladies dressing like "bombshells". So you're reply is very educational. I'll do some more research based on the time period you've specified now. Thank you again.

Hi just curious to know are you felting a hat or wanting to block a hat unto the form?  Enquiring minds just want to know as no one asked ...and if its traditional blocking of a hood then I would strongly not recommend foil...but that is just me as I have blocking workshops that I run and also on how to make a poupee from that sort of thing...?

Hi Edith, I'm not really sure what you mean by felting a hat as this is my first time using felt, but basically all I wanted to do was make a cloche or something similar for my girls to wear in winter on the way to school and ballet and while watching the brother play soccer on the weekend and for what other activities take them outside in winter. They're only young girls though 10 and 6 years old, which is why I was thinking the Styrofoam head. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated though. Also what is a poupee?

If you coat the styrofoam in a few layers of PVA glue first it will last a lot longer - my college tutor gave me this tip and it really works.  Also,try covering in cling film rather than foil as it's easier to get a smooth surface.


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