Blocking felt indents on trilby/fedora crown

How do you block felt over the indents of a fedora or trilby crown block?

I have pinned the felt into these indents previously but it leaves a pin hold mark in the felt. I have seen pressers used for saucer hats and wondered if this was a good idea and where I could get one/ improvise with household items!


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Hi Laura,

By far the best way to block the indents of a Fedora block is with a specially made presser. It forces the felt or straw into the block and keeps it there while drying.

The best way to get a presser to suit your existing block is usually to send the block to a Hat Block Maker, who can fashion one for it. Unfortunately all blocks are slightly different so there is no one fits all presser, they need to be custom made.

We routinely make pressers for some (not all) of our Fedora blocks, and if you would like to email us I am sure we could help you.

Darryll and Renee (Hat Blocks Australia)

Thankyou Elaine!


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