I would love advice for blocking on a wooden cone. My vision is to use Sinamay or Parasisal as seamlessly as possible for a light, airy hat. Alternative would be to fashion a straw braid hat with cotton/Lurex braid. Do I need to install corset boning on interior with ribbon to cover? Thank you for your guidance,

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Depending on the height of crown the level of difficulty with pari or felt because there is so much stress at the point of cone crown. Dunking the pari or fur felt in warm water rather than using steam or atomiser means the straw/felt is easier to manipulate & will be a slow process manipulating fibres to conform. It will then take time for shape to dry on block. You need to make a separate brim from the crown & reconfiguring that may be a challenge. Easiest way is to make a shape using buckram -even double layer if it is extremely high to ensure support then cover with braid, rachello braid folded wide bias strips in a spiral fashion. Depends on look you want Always remember experimentation is our greatest teacher. Hope this helps   

Thank you so much for the expert advice. Let the experimenting begin! 


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