I was wondering how to use a beret block to make an old-fashioned simple winter wool felt beret. Can you use it without having to felt it yourself?

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Blocking a felt cone onto a 5 piece beret block is hard work as you need to expand it to outer rim them shape back into the collar/headsize. No one wants carpel tunnel for overworking our wrists. Commercially they use male/female blocking with intense steam It is so quick & an imported beret costs AU$30- no milliner can compete. Making berets from flat patterns using straw cloth with machine stitching designs was popular in the 60s. 

Flat Pattern solution for beret This might be helpful for you.    http://beautyandbedlam.com/this-years-fashion-berets-and-a-simple-d...

You can draw the drawing first, and then stitch the piece of cloth on the drawing.


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