Hi hat designers,

I had some wonderful disc blocked in the UK and thought it would be so simple to attach them to an alice band/head band or tripod but not so. Does anyone know of any tips?

Thanks, Mike James

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Hi Mike,

You are rightfully challenged. The narrower the band the more difficult to attach. I do all my attachments with stitching through fabric covering on band, using a thimble and maybe spot glue a few stitches as a back up to prevent movement or breakage during wear. The component of the disc is another issue eg double pari causes a weight issue or addition of layer of fabric to straw or size of trim.

I have observed that even Phillip Treacy with larger discs uses a wider band and the discs then really sit on the side of the head.  To sit a disc up higher on the head you need to give more back up support and as a result blockmakers are creating these sloped teardrop shapes to help support a disc with an upward tilt. The three prong system is tedious but is the best assurance you can give customer it is secure. Attaching to bands, prongs or headpiece base means you must hide the point of attachment with some of the trim & this needs to be planned in the designing.

Rather than the band I have just created a shape or headpiece by making a small shallow dome then re-blocking the one side by placing on a small pillbox and flattening one side down. This then becomes the platform with plenty of stitching area, to attach the disc. The remainder is seen on other side of disc but I add extra loops or flower trim.  

I was surprised at the Melbourne Cup last week to see the predominance of Disc headwear as I thought the trend had passed plus the use of bands which do not suit all as disturbs the hair style or they complain about 'headband headache.'

They are not my favorite creation as I always want my customer to enjoy the event without that fear of a 'hat catastrophe' & unfortunately Discs are subject to such if not anchored especially if the wind picks up. 

Hope this helps or maybe someone else has discovered a secret to ensure disc security!

I also find myself with the dilemma you have described. Could anyone advise which is the most suitable gauge millinery wire to use with the tripod system and generally make ones own headbands. I am not sure if I should source 16 gauge or 18 gauge millinery wire. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Mary

Depending upon the size of the disc, I will use a fascinator base in the same color as the larger disc.  I can sew it to a headband or run a hair wire through it and then attach the main piece to the base.  I like hair wires because they allow the piece to move and if you want extra security a couple of bobby pins or hair pins seem to do the trick.

Mary Jo Stockman

Great solution. using hair wires. Check photos of wire frame in a previous discussion


Dear Mike

How does one make a 3 prong method  for securing hats? Do you have a diagram of instructions?

Appreciate it!


Check out the 3 prong in this discussion as mentioned in previous reply We do not have lesson specific on this only making your own wire bands in Percher Course.  


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