Are these old wooden forms for hat making? Thanks!

Hi all!

I could use any and all help to identify these wooden objects. My father collected old wooden things that appealed to him... Are they hat forms/blocks? Or some other clothing forms? The large pair stands about 8 inches tall. As a pair they seem to be two sides of something. Hoping the photos can provide enough information.





Thanks so very much for your consideration.

Paul Shukin

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I don't think so because puzzle hat blocks usually have grooves and slats where the would fit together and hold that way.  Doesn't mean they could not be used for hat blocking however. :)

I agree Sharon and if they were part of a puzzle block there are some pieces missing as each set has 5 pieces. No pin/tack holes so never used for hatting. My hubby thinks they may be casting moulds used in a foundry. 

They still may be PART of a hat block...

If so, yes it is missing missing the centre core in the case of this style (not all puzzle blocks are 5 section either) but for an example, some stitched cap hats were in older days and still are by some hat makers, sewn and then blocked. for that method the blocks do not have tongue and groove in the centre as they then drive thin plates/wedges between the sections to spread the blocks and stretch the steaming cap to final shape.

I have made one such block

easy way to tell would be to line up the sections around a pretend core and see if they all flow in an oval or circle...

darryll (block maker)


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