i have recently discovered a new passion with millinery, although I am fast discovering that it is not a cheap hobby. At the moment I have not sold anything. In fact I have only made 2 pieces, but have created lots of flowers, played with redesigning feathers and basically just experimented. I love Elaine's lessons and wish I could just do them all at once.

My question is how do I know if my work is good enough to sell, the 2 pieces I have made are largish headpieces. Would be good to recoup some cash to purchase more lessons and materials. My collection of supplies is fast growing. I have a Facebook page "Vanessa joy millinery" which all my friends are following. I have had some cards made up just in case. The 2 pieces I made and posted on my page I had plenty of comments from but couldn't bring myself to price them.  I work fulltime so I am realistic and realise that I will be limited on the amount of work I could take on. How did people sell their first few pieces. Elaine has helped me by recommending some prices.

cheers Ness

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I would never price that hatinator at 90 ausd!  I made so merging similar but with wire glitter and other accents and can tell you know it sold at 390gbp £!

Use the simple equation good Ben to you and add at least 30 percent interest/profit and this could be a lucrative b sinews for you!

All up it took about 6 hours. The materials were no more than 25, I took some time off allowing for being slow as a beginner. A small country town I just don't think I can get the $160 I should put on it. And I didn't think to include over heads like classes.
Someone asked what I bound it with, it's a fat 3/4 for patchwork, I made binding that Elaine taught in her class. I am glad you all like it, it's only the 4th piece I have ever made. I must say millinery is addictive.


Well in the words of Milton ... Paradise lost... The mind is its own place, it makes hell of heaven and heaven....  Hell!  Always think big open up your market to greater clients....create a web boutique and promote it with a vengeance!  All the best


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