i have recently discovered a new passion with millinery, although I am fast discovering that it is not a cheap hobby. At the moment I have not sold anything. In fact I have only made 2 pieces, but have created lots of flowers, played with redesigning feathers and basically just experimented. I love Elaine's lessons and wish I could just do them all at once.

My question is how do I know if my work is good enough to sell, the 2 pieces I have made are largish headpieces. Would be good to recoup some cash to purchase more lessons and materials. My collection of supplies is fast growing. I have a Facebook page "Vanessa joy millinery" which all my friends are following. I have had some cards made up just in case. The 2 pieces I made and posted on my page I had plenty of comments from but couldn't bring myself to price them.  I work fulltime so I am realistic and realise that I will be limited on the amount of work I could take on. How did people sell their first few pieces. Elaine has helped me by recommending some prices.

cheers Ness

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Hi Ness,

What day are you going to House of adorn? Maybe you'd like to meet up?

Hi Ruth,

heading there Friday 18th. hoping to get there about lunchtime. Going to the other one as well, is a shame Louise Macdonald is away because I wanted to go to her studio. I am very very new to millinery Ruth. does house of adorn have more in there show room than online? I especially need blocks. I found a lady that was going to sell me a brim and pill box as well as a collar but she text me and pulled out of the deal. Think she realised the deal was too cheap. I am now going to go to local market to look for things I can block on.

cheers ness

Dear Ruth, 

We are looking forward to welcoming you to House of Adorn when you come in this Friday!!

Everything you see on our website is available in our showroom to view and purchase. There may be additional items that are on special or in the clearance section that may not be on the website. 

We will have some hat blocks for you to have a look at and purchase if you like. We also take custom orders for different shapes and sizes. 

Please feel free to contact us on 03 9543 2268 or via email (sales@houseofadorn.com) if you have any other queries and/or if you need help with directions. 

Best regards, :-)

Team @ House of Adorn

I am going down to the Melbourne Cup from Qld in November. Is it possible to come in to House of Adorn and have a look around please? Are you far from the wharf where our cruise liner will be docked? I am also hoping to meet up with some Melbourne milliners, can't wait! After all, research in fashion is so important!


Dear Caren, 

You are welcome anytime to visit us when you are in Melbourne. Please note that it is a public holiday on Tuesday 4th November (for the Melbourne Cup) so we will closed on that day. 

If you are meeting up with other Milliners, it would be best to catch a Taxi from the wharf to come out to our showroom as it may be difficult with public transport. Depending on traffic, we are about 30 minutes from Port Melbourne (which is where I assume your Cruise Liner will be docked?). 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any other queries or need assistance with direction. We look forward to meeting you and hope you have a fabulous time during the Melbourne Cup Festival! :-)

Kind regards, 

House of Adorn
03 9543 2268

Thank you, looking forward to it!

Dear Ness & Ruth, 

Sorry we got your names mixed up in our recent reply. We were meant to welcome Ness but attentioned the email to Ruth instead. Of course Ruth is also welcome anytime! 

We look forward to seeing you both when you are next visit us. 

Best wishes, 

House of Adorn

Website ready to view now - www.fascinatorhats.com

We are never happy with everything, (as my son says,' you can't have your cake and eat it, mum') , but at the moment this says all that I need.

Actually, if anybody has any comments on this I would be glad to hear them


To price your goods is a simple equation!  How much do you cost per year to feed and clothe + how much does the materials cost = total costs per annum to live comfortably and then add the profit margin!

Test your pieces by selling at exhibition or craft markets or online and test the response and you will n


Thanks for your help ladies. I made this piece this last weekend. I mustered the courage to put it on my facebook site and I priced it at the same time $90-.


I love your hat. It is 'alive' and unusual and I assume a 'one off'?  How is it fixed on the head?   t hink you could have aimed a little higher with your pricing but I priced lower to start with too. Only you know how much the materials cost and the overheads eg HatAcademy e classes etc and as a learner you no doubt will have taken longer than an experienced milliner to make this hat. Definitely don't go lower on the price........if someone buys it will you include a box in the price? and mailing it to someone would be mailing costs on top.

I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

That's lovely, Ness!

What did you use for the trim?


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