Piece on the fabulous Mr Stephen Jones

Colin McDowell sits down with Stephen Jones, one of the world’s most celebrated and radical milliners, to discuss the business of making hats.


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Thanks Susan. This is worth the read. Good to see Stephen's journey to arrive where he is today. Some great tips for us all. This statement has a few gems.

“It changes with every designer, of course. Each one has his own vision and the milliner must feel confident enough in his role to be able to empathise. I tell you, one of the absolute characteristics a milliner requires is being a very good listener. And that does not mean emails. It means face-to-face. That’s why I seem to be always in a plane. You chat and gossip, then you get down to talking about hats and it’s a good stimulating time because you feel you know each other. I carry a sketchbook everywhere and, on the plane, I start to draw. My job is to take the designer’s aesthetic and my aesthetic, combine the two and make something to put on the head!

It was a lovely piece and he does excellent work but in my opinion if we had fewer RADICAL milliners we would have more people wearing hats.


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