Dayna Pinkham is a milliner and Portland legend. Her hats have been worn by rock stars, actors, and professional athletes, and they have graced many weddings and horse races around the world.

Dayna has alopecia, which caused her to go bald as a young woman. However, it also led her to hat making. She talked with us about her journey, not being afraid of working part-time jobs, the importance of patience, and how, if you follow your bliss, life leads you on the right course.

As young people with non-traditional career paths, we were very inspired by her insight and we thank her for sharing her story with us.

Directed by:
Tristan Stoch

Cinematography by:
Sean Grasso

Music by:
Marcel Pequel
Jared C Balogh
Kevin Macleod
Podington Bear

Special Thanks:
John J. Campbell
Ryan Chapman
Enie Vaisburd
Jennifer Hardacker

Video by Cineastas

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Eney G.L.G. Silva

Dear Dayna


I love your courage to share your journey, and share your passion for millinery things.

Maybe someday we can meet.

Best Wishes

Eney Silva

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