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Diana Maloney said…

Hi Elaine,  It looks wonderful and I have already done the first lesson.  I will keep you posted as to how things go. I have been looking forward to this all year.


koumba maude d said…

hi, Elaine,

 i want to know if i can make a sinamay hat without using stiffener,and what are the steps to do a free form hat, would i need a stiffener?

Diana Maloney said…

Thanks Elaine.  Yes if it had not been for those two men talking to you and me overhearing your conversation it would never be.  Some things are meant to be.  I will kepyou informed as to how I go.  Thanks


koumba maude d said…

thanks for the information.here in Gabon i can't find stiffener,that is why i was asking if there could be way of working without stiffener.

Diana Maloney said…

I'm getting along fine, but I am having all sorts of problems with optus and the film dropping out all the time and it also skips.  I seem to be missing big chunks.  I think this is an optus problem - nothing to do with your wonderful lessons.    Is there any way I can download the lesson then I would not have that problem?


Diana Maloney said…

Thanks Elaine, shall try that.  The picture is from one of my business cards.  The image comes from a fashion illustration magazine from the 1950s (USA). I figured that image would be better then  mug shot!!

Carol Anne Smith said…

Hi Elaine

Thanks so much for your encouragement. I wait with excitement for your new course on setting up a millinery business and using the internet as an important marketing tool. I have spent my evening tweaking my website to make it look more professional and easy to use. I would welcome any comments from this group. www.thetinyhatcompany.co.uk

Thanks   Carol

Helen Lee Marshall said…

I bet the corgi takes very good care of "his" people at the center too. They are very protective by nature. Mine always sits between me and the door, just in case some evil delivery man or a mad ten year old boy on a bicycle should give me trouble. He had a horrible time when we had our roof replaced and there were strange men walking around on the roof. He and I went to my mother's house  for a couple of hours because I thought he was going to have an anxiety attack.

Right now I am concentrating on getting a "day job" so I haven't made anything new in a while.

Talk to you later,



JUST saw your comment today.  LOVING your website and all the BEAUTIFUL designs people are posting.  I'm embellishing my 1st satin hat and as soon as I'm finished with it, I will post a pic.  BLESSING to you.


Leeanne Goodwin said…

Hi Elaine.

I'm so pleased to see your amazing wealth of knowledge available online. The beautiful pieces you made for me inspired me to become a milliner. I look forward to going through your many of your lessons.


Linda Ford said…

Thanks Elaine.  It must be the photo as the piece is made from black crin.  I think the pattern on my shirt is showing through it.   

I do however have a box full of beautiful Kaldor fabric that I have had stashed for a few years that I keep pulling out and thinking 'what will I do with all of this'.  Just haven't been game to cut into them yet - but the time is drawing nearer. 

Looking forward to exploring the site in more depth and soaking up all the knowledge I can.

Congratulations on a great site. 



Linda Ford said…

No intention of disposing of them - I meant that I keep looking at them to see what millinery creation I can make from them. 

Let me know next time you are up this way - would love to meet for a coffee if you have the time. 

I'm actually heading out to Patty's tomorrow to make my first mens fedora.  Looking forward to that. 

Loreen Lightfoot said…

Thank you so much for the welcome Elaine. Very happy to have discovered Hat Academy!

Elsie Collins said…

Another thank you for the warm welcome Elaine!!  And for kindly posting my Rambling Roses hat on your Facebook site!! I'm happy that you like my work!!  Even though I've been sewing for over 40 years, and making hats since 1990. I have just learned to block felt last winter, and straw this spring!!  I think my sewing experience has lent itself well to an easy transition into millinery!! Yet, still SO much to learn!!  Wish I had another lifeltime!! So many hats to make, so little time!!

Petro Vermeulen said…

Thank you very much Elaine! I am so excited to have joined hatacademy.com and to have a chat with other milliners!

Melissa Rath said…

Thank you  Elaine. I can't wait to start my first hat, just waiting for supplies then I can get straight into it. And I can't wait to start your lessons, it looks like my kind of fun.

Daria Rosen said…

Thank you for the welcome Elaine.  I've made my first two hats and am stumped in making a beautiful bow, so I'm looking forward to the online support and lessons.  Then they will become my first two 'completed' hats!!

Deniese Dennis said…

Thanks Elaine. I am so happy i found this website. You have already been a big help.

Shevlin Millinery said…

Hi Elaine.

Thank you for your message. Yes, I have seen hats come and go...more than once! There is a great return to the "hat" now. I am  a small maker and today find a market for made to measure hats. I am the only maker of blocked felt and straw hats here, but there is always the competition from imported hats from the likes of China. There is also the problem of supply of materials too. However, we battle on!..LOL!

Best regards,   John

chineva early said…

Thank You I just don't know where to start it looks so good.

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