The new Aoife Kirwan Millinery studio is finally finished. I now have a place where customers can come to view the collection or meet for a consultation for a custom order. For photos check out the latest blog post.

I have always been really interested to see other people's workspaces. What does your's look like?

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Vivienne Morgan Millinery

That's a gorgeous photo Aoife. My meagre space looks SO unglamourous in comparison, but I love it nonetheless! 

Aoife Kirwan

It's lovely Vivienne, I love your vintage square hat box on the top shelf.

Bridget Early

Looks wonderful, Aoife! Vivienne, your space is very nice as well.  I need to add a few shelves to my space for block storage. Right now, I am tucking them wherever I can find a nook or cranny, or they wind up on my work benches or worse my dinning room table. I have a small room that I work in, but it doesn't afford the space that I would like.

Roz Willmott-Dalton

Oh, what an image of complete and utter beauty......

Aoife Kirwan

Thanks Roz, it's getting a bit crowded as I've purchased a lot more blocks since this photo was taken.

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