In order to set the scene of any movie, it is vital that visual aids are used to help tell the story and give the movie credibility. For milliners, there is no greater pleasure than spotting a hat in a movie! You can't help but sit and think about the style, the trimmings and most importantly how you might have done it yourself! Here is a selection of ten of our favourite movies featuring hats! 

BRAZIL (1985)
This is a fabulous example of millinery in movies where in this scene, a gorgeous Elsa Schiaperelli / Salvador Dali inspired shoe hat takes the main stage. Amid the chaos of an explosion during lunch a number of other elegantly designed hats are noticeable however none are quite as striking or unique as the leopard-print stiletto.


We love the cloches that are worn by Angelina Jolie as they are simple yet very appropriate for the time period. Cloches have had a resurgence in popularity in the last couple of years and it is certainly easy to see why.


Based on a wealthy socialite is a hatlovers paradise. The millinery exhibited in the movie is second to none and features a number of different styles in a vast array of materials including luxurious silks, furs, and velvet trimmed with veiling, luscious feathers and delicate embroidery.

THE GREAT GATSBY (1974/ 2013)

An infamous film, showing the glitz and glam of the 1920's. We have noticed such a huge trend in the millinery world, with the return of cloches and flapper style headpieces since the modern Baz Lurman remake in 2013. The costumes and headpieces in this film take us back in where headpieces were the exclamation point in an outfit! 

Marie Antionette, a queen known for her opulence, decadence and towering hairstyles, adorned with trinkets, feathers and beautiful millinery. We adore the variety of hats created for this movie, not only worn by Marie Antionette but also the many other characters in the film. This film in a fantastical feast for millinery eyes!


Whilst this movie is the only animation included, it should not in any way be discounted. This feature not only exhibits hats but the main character is also a milliner! We love that the leading lady has been scripted as a young milliner and whilst watching we can only imagine what the hats Sophie creates would look like with real materials. 


If her personality wasn't enough, inextricably over the top headpieces and outfits are what set Hunger Games character Elfie Trinket apart from the rest! We love the large, centrally positioned headpieces used in the movies as part of her costume, from an oversized rose to a cascade of beautiful butterflies, these millinery marvels look fantastic combined with her wild curly hair and unique make up. 


She has transitioned from a woman on the street to a polished lady at the polo and the piece to resistance in her outfit is certainly the headwear! We love this elegant, classic style hat and how it is intended to match her dress. It shows the power a hat can have on an outfit and the woman wearing it! 

Coco Chanel is possibly the most well renown fashion designer of the 20th century, she is the epitome of style and it all started with a hat. Gabriel Chanel started her incredible fashion journey when she opened a millinery store. The image below shows a scene in the movie where she stood out from the crowd at the races, not because she was dressed over the top, but because her understated, masculine style was a daring move away from the traditionally accepted dress code. She has always been known for her motto of less is more and this stunningly simple straw boater is no exception.


The classic broad brim hat that everyone adores. The adorable Audrey Hepbourn wins the hearts of everyone in this classic black hat that has been the go to style for hat wearers around the world looking to exude classic beauty whilst blocking out the harsh sun! This is simply a silhouette which will never truly go out of style and we are glad that it is here to stay! 

Just a small selection of millinery movie moments, what is your favourite hat flick? 

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Sharon Panozzo

I have to admit I have only seen two of these movies ( Breakfast at Tiffany's and Pretty woman) and never really thought of them as hat movies.  I love the iconic MY Fair Lady, Pollyanna, Music Man and one that is a BBC production and not really a movie and that is The House of Elliot.

Maggie Mowbray

Great collection, I loved all the cloches in Changeling!


I watched Anna karenina & the great castby &some others ,beautiful hat  in these movies are very unique & very impressive

Adesewa Odesanya

I love spotting hats in movies. Series like Bridgerton and Self Made also stood out to me because of the vast array of hats & headpieces featured.

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