Millinery masterpieces for the Millinery Award 2021 exhibit each milliner's creativity and precision in detail. Congratulations to all finalists in this astounding array of headwear for the Melbourne Cup Carnival this year.

Winner: Belinda Osborne
Encircling the forehead, the piece has been created to resemble a beautiful cage – a comment on that feeling of confinement ubiquitously experienced this year.

2nd Place: Angie Jackman
Reams of rainbow-hued thread are woven deftly around a wire frame, the repetition creating a soothing, origami-style effect. The result is reminiscent of a pretty summer parasol, hovering effortlessly over the temple of its wearer.

2nd Runner Up: Carole Maher
The use of over 450 goose nagoire feathers, each one meticulously hand cut and curled to encircle the hat’s traditional curves. Finished in a glossy navy hue, it’s a look that delivers timeless style with maximum impact.

Chris Mullane
Inspired by the swirling sands and azure water of Queensland’s iconic Whitehaven Beach, milliner Chris Mullane’s design is uplifting yet serene.

Natalie Bikicki
Designed to sit low on the forehead, the piece employs sculpted high-gloss latex draped in strands of shimmering chain to deliver a mesmerizing, dark glamour.

Chantelle Westlake
Perched atop a fuchsia teardrop base, the structure provides a new perspective from every angle, while a scarlet feather detail delivers the final flourish.

Enza Geddes
With Cézanne’s Still Life with Cherries and Peaches as inspiration, the finished product is both artistic and super chic, guaranteed to grab attention on race day.    

Lisette Margini
Hand-dyed candy pink braid has been coiled expertly around delicate green crystals, evoking buds and blooms climbing joyfully skyward.

Jo Peterson
Metallic tones bring life and light to the piece’s angles and enliven the timeless monochrome colour palette.

Lisa Watt
A fusion of magnolias, camellias and blossoms in bloom.

» Watch the workings behind each piece here.

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