Nothing conventional with the headwear creations in the 2020 Melbourne Cup Millinery Award, each piece radiates the extraordinary! Congratulations and hats off to all finalists.

Winner: Stephanie Spencer
A nod to the surrealism of 2020- nothing is quite how is should be at the moment. Up is down, down seems to be up and so this year, shoes will become hats.

2nd Place: Angie Jackman
This piece was inspired by the Styled with thanks rainbow themed hat auction that took place in the UK to benefit various health related charities including the NHS.

2nd Runner Up: Belinda Osborne
Anod to traditional skills, the creativity and freedom of wirework and the intricate shadow art of multi-layered reverse stenciling.

Ana Pribylova
The monochromatic colour palette and sharp, upswept shape combine to head-turning effect, providing the perfect accent point for a striking Derby Day look. Photo: @robynharperphotography

Jill Humphries
Hand-sculpted and wrapped to resemble the delicate curling ironwork of the famous Flemington Racecourse gates.

Liana Hastie
Bold, passionate and strong, the design draws on high-quality straw, millinery wire and black starbright braid, finished with a unique ruched red vintage braid hand-stitched to the wide brim.

Lisa Watt
A love of tulle and the design opportunities it delivers is celebrated in this joyful piece.

Natalie Bikicki
A visual reminder that love from the heart always conquers fear.

Souri Sengdara
A fusion of magnolias, camellias and blossoms in bloom.

» Watch the workings behind each piece here.

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