Located in Midwest city of Cincinnati, Theresa Kramer’s work combines vintage silhouettes with the slightest modern touch. Theresa credits classical movies such as, "The Women" and "His Girl Friday"  for sparking her interest in millinery and making her want to begin creating her very own works of art. Inspiration from these movies as well and vintage books and television has been the key element in the development of her designs and we think she has hit the mark! 

Her work utilises a whole range of millinery materials including sinamay, straw, felt and fabric as shown in the featured image. With a flourish of trimmed white feathers, elegantly positioned to draw attention to the eye of the wearer, this white headpiece entitled “Stewardess” is an enchanted version of the uniform typically worn by stewardesses. The luxurious white pillbox reflects classical styling and craftsmanship of a bygone era, yet it’s additional features give it a more modern feel. We absolutely love the feather feature as it adds an element of mystery and gives the headpiece more dimension. 

Theresa's designs including this beautiful white one featured, go by the name of Starling Millinery and they are guaranteed to make the wearer feel like a vintage Movie Star! 
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