With an eye for detail and hands experienced in jewellery, the hats that Neli Grimm creates, are a very definitive  combination of the repertoire of skills she possesses. The image featured shows one of her pieces from the "Heartbeat" Collection which is created mostly out of copper wire, twisted and fashioned into zig-zagged lines which replicate a heartbeat. Whilst the theme of this body of work is quite visible, there are unique elements of each design which make them unique. As you can see in the photographed image featured and the others in this particular collection each piece is worn with a complimentary piece of jewellery or accessory which makes the pieces even more special and versatile as elements of her designs can be worn as everyday-wear. Because of her interest in jewellery and millinery, Neli Grimm has been able to tie the two together to produce pieces which reflect her own signature style and are truly unique to her brand.
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