Appreciate the unique vibrancy and styling by UK milliner Lottie Sparks. Every piece is hand made with hand blocked felt, soutache beading, folded roses, knitted leaves, and cut feathers. Creating her own trims means the possibilities are limitless. This mask hat is titled “Fantasy Garden” and mirrors a summer garden in the heart of London, Lottie’s  new home.  Mask hats always hold a sense of mystique so keep us all fascinated with new designs Lottie. 
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Tags: Lottie Sparks, milliner

Sinyambo Moola
I had never seen this before. It' vibrant, creative, out of the box and so blowing my mind right now. I'm so inspired.
Lottie Sparks
Wow I have only just seen this post! Such lovley words. Thank you hat academy! And thank you Sinyambo for your lovley comment also! So nice to know that I am inspiring others :)

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