Recently we have seen a lot of "trending talk" about boaters being back in fashion and also the rising popularity of tweed. Well, it would appear that when it comes to being on trend the metaphorically fashionable shoe certainly fits milliner Deborah Kendall.

Debora's background in garment making has clearly had an impact on the textiles (velvet, silk and tweed) which she uses to create her small hats and headpieces. Deborah's love of millinery began when her daughter started learning through university, whilst studying Costume for Screen and Stage. From then on they have been making a range of fun and funky headpieces which bring theatrical elements to everyday headwear.

"The tricorns are very theatrical however in the fashion my daughter follows, the tricorns are worn with the lovely dresses, think Marie Antoinette etc with a modern twist. Rococo and the Victorian era all give inspiration. "
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