Watching the Royal Wedding between Price William and Kat Middleton was when Milliner Patricia Cooper found her one true love. Patricia confesses she was "smitten" with all the hats and headpieces adorning the guests of the church and she just had to find out how to make hats. When asked what it is that she loves about hats she answered, "I believe the hat completes the unique beauty of every woman's fashion attire. The Hat says; I am a confident woman".

Patricia's Millinery is vintage inspired for modern day wearers. They are bold, colourful and often feature an array of different materials, textures and trims. The featured image is a fabulous example of Patricia's creative use of fabrics. This beautiful blue hat is made of a shimmery lurex fabric finished with handmade bow, fabric flower and a beautiful blue satin trim. read on to find out more about Patricia Cooper's wonderful world of millinery.

What do you love most about Millinery?
The creativity and beauty of head fashion. Whatever you can imagine you can create and there is no wrong hat. Your designs says I've given birth to my dream.

How did you get into Millinery?
While watching the wedding of Prince William I was totally smitten with all the beautiful hats and fascinators. From that point I knew I had to learn how to make hats. The desires were so strong I couldn't shake it and thus began my journey. One of my problems was that I live in a very small city so there is no place to buy any millinery supplies. I didn't have very much knowledge about millinery, so I bought a couple of books and practiced, practiced, practiced, and then I found Hat Academy.

In a sentence tell us how you would describe your designs.
My designs are a reflection of living "outside" the box and where I marry the vintage designs with todays designs.

What is your ideal customer?
The customer that gives me the freedom to create that unique one of a kind design.

What inspires you?
My incredible husband, Sam, my faith, great friends and old black and white movies, where Bette Davis and others wear those gorgeous hats.

If you could invite any milliner to tea who would it be?
Rachel Trevor Morgan.

What is your favourite material to work with?

Whats your best millinery tip?
Never discard a hat that you consider a mistake because it can become the rebirth of a new design.

Famous words to live by.
Trust and believe in your uniqueness for this is who you are and you are the greatest when you are being you!

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