Maggie Mowbray sure knows how to turn heads with her timelessly glamorous pieces. Her main mission is to "design and create high quality headwear, aiming to combine wearability with luxury and elegance." As you can see in the above, simplicity of line, shape and colour are combined to create a piece which is not only wearable but most importantly stylish! Maggie's previous background in fine art is evident in her ability to create quality handcrafted headpieces which are well balanced and aesthetically pleasing. 
What do you love most about Millinery?
I love the endless possibilities for design, millinery can be as crazy, sculptural or as wearable as you want. I also love watching how a hat changes a persons stature, making them feel instantly more elegant and confident!

How did you get into Millinery?
I’d always loved millinery and years ago I found myself searching for and failing to find a specific hat (which only actually existed in my imagination), I decided I’d just have to learn how to make it myself. I just kept going from there!

In a sentence tell us how you would describe your designs.
Timeless, elegant millinery, which is more importantly, completely wearable. 

What is your ideal customer?
Someone who trusts me to design the ideal piece for them and their occasion while allowing me to express my own aesthetic and style.
What inspires you?
I take inspiration from lots of places; nature, art, fashion, architecture, surface pattern, each collection takes inspiration from somewhere new and different!
If you could invite any milliner to tea who would it be?
She is no longer alive but if she was I’d like to have tea with Madame Agnés, we both began with a career in art moving into millinery later, I think we’d have a lot to chat about! I also think she’d have some wonderful stories to tell!

What is your favourite material to work with?
I have to say felt because it is so sculptural and lovely to work with and I can make all those organic shapes which I like to create.

Whats your best millinery tip?
Find your unique design aesthetic and own it!

If you had to make your last hat what would it be?
I’d probably have to say a felt cloche hat, as it is one of my favourite styles and would be a lasting memory of my millinery career for a long time!

Famous words to live by.
I can't think of any famous words I personally live by, however I am an eternal optimist and always try to find a positive outcome in all scenarios. 

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