Hat Tricks at the McGregor Summer School

I have to tell everyone about the wonderful time I had attending the McGregor Summer School at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia held 8-19 January 2014. I spent the last 10 days receiving millinery training from Elaine Mergard founder of the Hat Academy. The time and attention she gave to her students during this session was phenomenal.

The course covered everything from basic blocking to silk flower making, advance millinery and more. Elaine revealed helpful tips shown in her millinery lessons and even some tricks that have not been published at this time but are to come. Her detailed and extensive knowledge of the millinery world made it worth my time and money to sit under her instruction.  Elaine's passion and love for what she does makes her gift a special one. Elaine is not afraid to share her gift with others making her an exceptional individual. 

As a professional millinery trainer I found the course to be exceptional. As an American in Australia I found the country and the people to be some of the most kind and open minded people I have ever encountered.  The reception  I received from the staff and attendees of the summer school made me feel more than welcome.  This was an amazing opportunity for me and I am so grateful to have been apart of this session.  The class consisted of 9 other amazing women all demonstrating a zeal for knowledge, creativity and a love for hat making.  If you cannot attend a session taught by Elaine I strongly recommend investing in the lessons sold here on Hat Academy.

Camille Parham

Ming's House of Fashion

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marge crunkleton

Hello Camille....your wonderful smile reflects your Australian Millinery experience.  Thanks for sharing.  

Bridget Early

I am so envious, Camille!  Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure.

Mings House

Thank the experience was GREAT.

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