Holding the title for 2014 Myer National Fashions On The Field winner on Crown Oaks Day, there is no other more appropriate candidate to shed light on the wonderful world of FOTF than Brodie Worell. Brodie is the owner of a beautiful clothing boutique, she is a racing fashion icon and a very successful FOTF entrant. Here we chat with Brodie about all things racing fashion.

1.What made you get into FOTF
I was fashion conscious from a very young age. I always loved getting dressed up and parading around the house with my two sisters. With my mother’s influence, I fell in love with millinery. It wasn't until I actually went to Flemington and watched the Myer Fashion On The Field that I became very interested in getting dressed up to compete. Watching the level of fashion at Flemington inspired me to come back and enter fashion on the field.

2. What as been your greatest experience so far?
Well of course thats an easy obvious one for me. My greatest experience it is winning the national title on Crown Oaks Day. Nothing will ever beat that feeling. It is an experience that I will never forget.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?
I draw inspiration from lots of different places but my all time style icon is Audrey Hepburn. I do base lots of my outfits on her style yet keeping in mind to make it modern and on trend.

4.Who is your favourite milliner?
Felicity Northeast is an incredible milliner, she made my winning piece for Derby Day. Her attention to detail is incredible and I can always trust her to create something amazing for me. But I don't like to have favourites there are so many incredible milliners out there. It is all about finding the right one for you.

5. What trends are you predicting big this year?
The trend of pastels has shifted to more bold, striking colours and prints. You can expect lots of coloured lace & candy colours. I think crowns are one of the biggest trends this year and metallics.

6. What do you like or dislike seeing on Fashions on the field?
I like seeing confidence, ladies enjoying the experience and having fun. I love a well thought out outfit . I dislike heels the ladies cant walk in, dresses that dont fit and millinery that doesnt work with the outfit. With fashion on the field there are so many elements to putting together an outfit you need to be careful when choosing accessories. Often less is more.

7. What is something you would like milliners to know about FOTF and the headwear to create for you?
Its important for the milliner to try a few different shapes and make sure what they create will suit you. Millinery will look different on every person so its very important to pick a shape that suits you. A good milliner will be able to guide you in what will work best.

8. What is your favourite outfit you have worn to FOTF?
My favourite outfit so far was my outfit worn on Derby Day. Classic black and white wins every time!

9. What is your favourite race day?
Crown Oaks Day is my absolute favourite day of the year. I get excited even thinking about it! Its traditionally ladies day and the day I always save my favourite outfit for. It has an elegant vibe and of course its the day of the National fashion on the field competition.

10. Advice for budding FOTF entrants?
Be confident & have fun! Dress to your personality and enjoy the experience. You need to wear something that you love, there is no point wearing something you hate. Be creative, and pick a good piece of millinery. Wear comfortable heels theres nothing worse than walking down the stage in shoes that are hard to walk in.

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