It was 50 years ago when Hat Academy tutor, Elaine Mergard, started her millinery journey.
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Penny Cummings
Ah many many congratulations to you both - what an achievement, you have your studio and does your best beloved have at the very least a shed?!

My husband tore me away from my, family, everything, to meet a new challenge in late-ish middle age in a strange country many hours flight time from my lovelies....several years later and three years ago I discovered millinery via a very strange path and he truly supports me to the extent of a) passing opinions (he is an engineer, is this right?!.....and b) expecting me to support him when he retires (as if, ever). Bless him.

Bless yours too and you and so many thanks for helping to make all that happen. Very good luck to you both for many many more years of hatting and happiness.

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