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Ilana Meilak Interview

For milliner Ilana Meilak, her ever enduring love affair with hats started from a very young age. Ilana's father was in the business of antiques and for Ilana, growing up around vintage clothing and accessories was always fascinating, however, it was hats that really captivated her young mind. She was so intrigued by the mystery behind them, pondering who the owner might have been and…


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Milliner: Melissa Eliott

For outback milliner Melisa Elliott, it seems that isolation and distance are no obstacles for her passion for fashion and creativity. Melissa had always been creative, working on machine embroidery and fabric painting, selling her designs and winning prestigious design awards. After relocating to Winton, a remote outback town in northern Australia, Mellisa found herself purchasing a local boutique, a way to support her family and pursue her…


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Millinery Design Award: Ian Bennett Interview

UK Milliner Ian Bennett was applauded by milliners, racegoers and the judges as his headpiece “Fireworks" took out the Millinery Award on Oaks Day, during the 2016 Spring Racing Carnival at Flemington, Melbourne,…


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Milliner: Maria Marcus

If you could only use only one word to describe Maria Marcus's designs, it would be wow. This featured image is a colourful sorbet-toned feast for the eyes. Using line, texture, shape and colour, Maria has created an incredibly stylish hat, much like all of her other creations. We love how the simplicity of the design is contrasted with more complex elements, this is a feature of a lot of…


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