Yellow green hand felted cloche Autumn Leaves

very warm as it made from fine merino wool in wet felting technique, decor - trimming of this hat made in needle felting. gorgeous autumn leaves made needle felted to hat and some are in 3D as it done in millinery wire carcass.
process of this hat takes some time as it first felted, than blocked and after decorated with hand felted trimming!!
will definitely bright up any gloomy autumn day!!

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Sharon Garvin

Does a hat made from felted merino wool need to be sized (stiffened)?

Ivana Howcroft

about stiffener on  merino wool hats.  answer is - no.  after "rolling" and blocking its maintain shape perfectly without any stiffener (thats why it highly recommended for kids, people under medical treatment, with allergies etc)  thats why  for centuries used  in all "extreme environment " - cold  or hot and its very light (by weight) hand felted items - have incredible "memory"   - you can pack them flat and after just a shake (or put on your head:) and ready to go..

 hope it answered your questions.

Sharon Garvin

Thanks for the helpful info. :)

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