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Discover creative and practical techniques to create a stunning headpiece that suspends gracefully over the face.
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Lisa Elizabeth Shaw

Can you tell me what the gold metallic looking material is in this example on the leather percher course. I don’t know what it is and I haven’t  seen anything like it available.  X

Elaine Mergard

Hi Lisa, For crown and flowers Sophie has used metallic Gold leather. The sheen is amazing  All metallic leathers require extra care when using in millinery & Sophie has mastered this to share in her course Enjoy 

Lisa Elizabeth Shaw

the flowers don’t look like they’re made from leather. They look like they’re made from a sequin film? 

Elaine Mergard

Unfortunately this was a very special limited run of designer leather bought from The Fabric Store. They always have small supplies so if you see something you love you have to buy it! We recommend checking out local leather suppliers, ebay and etsy to see what they have on offer. There are so many different types of leather with different properties so its all about trial and error. A similar but maybe not as much of a mirror effect could be achieved with some foil Kangaroo leather as it is quite stiff.

Lisa Elizabeth Shaw

Thank you so much for your help x

Sophie Allport

Sorry Liza, Yes you are right it does look like sequin film which could be an alternative but it was the most amazing leather that I found a limited piece and only wish I could find more! I have some(a small amount) stashed away in my special leather drawer I can't bring myself to use the last of it. Moral of the story of course, if  you find something you love don't leave it in the store!

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