Ivory felt cartwheel brim with chenille dot veiling and ribbon in milk chocolate satin

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Elaine Mergard

Good seller Tiffany - the milk choc trim & spots are delicious !!

Tiffany Arey
Thank you Elaine - those spots literally gave me cravings for chocolate chips! Lol
Janet Andoh

Nice hat design Tiffany!  I have a crown block similar to yours; how do you block and maintain the dip on the top?  I try to use some cording and then have to hold it down with blocking pins but find that the pins leave holes in them when dried out.  Is there an alternative method that you use?  Thanks!

Tiffany Arey
Thanks Janet... I used a combination of pins and a tooliker after I stretched it, then set a weight on top of it to dry. I left it on the block for a week or two to finish another project... Maybe that helped? Gave the inside a couple coats of stiffener.

If you have holes from pins, hit the area with a little steam and scratch over the hole with your fingernail to close it.

Hope that helps!
Janet Andoh

Thanks, Tiffany.  I don't put a weight on it, but do apply a bit of steam and try to close the holes.  I guess I need to invest in pins that don't rust; the last time I had some nasty rust marks left behind - ugh!  Thanks for the tip.


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