Steampunk Crochet Parasol and Matching Lady's Riding Hat

Bridget Early


Debra Brunner
Thank you Bridget :)
Elaine Mergard

Did you actually crochet this Debra ? Amazing!! From my crochet days I think they called this the pineapple pattern. Appreciate the time put into this and the small hat takes us back to another era.

Debra Brunner
Yes I did crochet this from a pineapple pattern that I modified. It took me about two months and was truly a labor of love. The hat completed the steampunk outfit that I have since worn with the parasol to a couple of events.
Debra Brunner
Thank you for the kudos :)
Artemis Morrow

I've never seen a crocheted parasol before.  This is amazing!

Debra Brunner
Thank you so much :)


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