Materials included car body sample, plastic soda bottle, and millinery wire.

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Tiffany Arey
Austin Gray

Thanks, Tiffany!

Whoa! Which part is the car body sample and how did you attach it? It is thin metal yes? BRILLIANT idea and fabulous colours. #sustainablefashion #recycling are the tags for this. I hope you're sharing this beauty on instagram. Oooh la la!!!
Austin Gray

Thanks, Carena! I was lucky enough to have a friend working in design at Honda US. She gave me a box of what she thought was junk and this paint sample was in there. The car companies produce them for the dealerships, I think. It was a lucky find for me. The next step was figuring out how to make plastic "feathers" which turned out to me a super easy thing to do. You can see some pictures for that here:

Tiffany Arey
Thanks for sharing the link to those instructions. What a clever way to make use of plastic!
Karen Geraghty

What a gorgeous headpiece!  Beautiful work :)

Austin Gray

Thank you, Karen Geraghty!

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