Ana Victoria Mulcahy
I am so excited to show you my new design!
I love sourcing and experimenting with new materials and a couple of years ago I’ve blocked a hat base out of woven paper straw so I thought I can give to the hat base a more elaborated texture by crocheting the paper instead of weaving it...
I chose a very neutral monochrome design allowing the paper to be the main star in this design...but it can be ordered in different coulours to match the wearer’s outfit.
This is the “Cai Lun” hat
A gorgeous face framing beret base, hand blocked in stiffened crocheted paper raffia, simply decorated with a stunning display of beautiful crocheted double ruffles using also paper raffia.
This outstanding eye catching headpiece is lined with a lavish beige satin.
It is completely hand made and hand sewn and is worn on a millinery elastic.
The Cai Lun hat will certainly stand out and bring lots of compliments whether it is a wedding, the races or other special occasions 🌹🐝
Elaine Mergard

Really love the texture the straw creates for this piece. Great to experiment with other materials outside the norm for millinery & it is always a lovely surprise when we see the result. Experimentation is one of our greatest teachers as milliners. A very saleable headpiece -. E xx

Ana Victoria Mulcahy

Thank you so much Elaine!! 

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