Connected to my Soul by Neli Grimm © all rights reserved

Connected to my Soul – the Hat

Concept, design and model: Neli Grimm & Neli S Grimm hats, bridal millinery & accessories © all rights reserved
Photo credit: Corina Minda

The “Connected To My Soul” hat is was made for the International Millinery Competition "HATalk Competition 16", the theme "Connection".

The human heart communicates with the brain in four major ways: neurologically, biochemically, biophysically and energetically.
The whole universe of our inner spirit is based on connections, energies and access paths that we built between us and the others. The way that he can create all these connections that reflect such a diversity of emotions, makes all the magic possible, in every way.
The eye…is a window through which we send signals to the heart and mind, scientifically described by strong neuronal synapses. We can spiritually imagine it like a wire that connects the present to the future.
I want to express this story by creating the first piece of a hat collection, accessories and clothing, which is designed to show the essence of the living…emotions, connections and energies.
In the first creation of this collection, I push all the boundaries by exposing the amazing shapes and structures of the brain system, placing it into the avant-garde and couture fashion.
The hat is also handmade, using copper wire as the main material. The reason of using this material is the high conductivity of this metal, often used in electrical networks, so it can successfully represent the brain-heart connections.

To make it happen, it was needed a 40 m long copper wire, which was 95% manually shaped, bit by bit , the remaining of 5% was achieved with a single utensil used – a pliers.To be able to apply it on the head, it comes accessorized with a metallic headband.
The natural colour of the copper was kept as the original. The red reflexions and the shiny finish is perfect for the ones that love the unconventional style. It can be a great piece from an avant-garde fashion show, or…why not…into a hystorical imperial age.
The whole outfit is characterized by nontraditional, aesthetic innovation and extravagance which is created for women that are able to feel strong emotions, for chameleon amazing
personalities souls.
“Connected to my Soul” – represent the Eye-Heart-Brain connection, unique Connection and signature made by Neli Grimm.

Original text: Neli Grimm © all rights reserved
Translation and adaptation of text: Corina Minda

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