Bridget Early

Thank you, Greer! This is an old block.  I love this block and I get two different looks depending on whether I stiffen the hat.  This is the same block that I used for the beret in my profile pic, but the one in the profile pic looks like it could have been blocked on a different block. I am going to use the same block and make a beret for my grandaughter without wire and see how that works. She is 4 and I think that her massive curls peeking out will make her look like a very old fashioned baby girl. 

I was also playing with the red beret today, and I am going to use the same block to make some felt caps with little bills as well.  I get so excited everytime I get a new idea!  Just ordered more felt hoods today to play with.

Theo Smeltzer

Thank you for the wire tip

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