Button Fascinator Project. First Attempt

Button Fascinator Project. First Attempt

Here we go!
I purchased some buckram online from MacCulloch P Wallis here in the UK to try for the first time. I used a wooden button block to mold the Buckram over with the aid of pins to secure and left to dry overnight. The next evening to my delight once dried it resembled the beginnings of a headpiece! This is good start I’m doing something right…

A little trimming of the buckram was required with the introduction of wire to support the shape. I stitched the wire and buckram together keeping a close eye on the shape as I went around.

At this point I was watching the “Good Wife” on the television of which I love and by the end of the project that evening I couldn’t tell you what happened on that series. That’s a first!

Now to cover the buckram base I found some Dupion silk from my stash in the sewing room along with some Marabou feathers, small silk flowers and netting.

The tricky bit was pulling the material over the buckram and keeping it in place with pins until I managed to secure it with thread. OK done and now for the binding to neaten up the edges. For this I used satin ribbon, I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea but it seem to do the trick and looked nice.

By the way don't do what I did and have a bunch of pins surrounding your chair and then sit on them!

The fun bit for me was trimmings on top. I wasn’t sure where to start first or even what the end result should look like, but I had to start somewhere. At this point my husband was now focused on my project and not his newspaper! I’m sure he was waiting for me mess it up.

I have to say what a sense of achievement when you have finished. I loved it and here is why. It gave me a sense of escapism and brought the creative side out in me that I’m not used to. I realise I not the Philip Treacy however I can see what the fascination is pardon the expression.

Since this little project I have made a number of others similar in design to get consistent with the methods used. What I have struggled with is the securing it to the head.

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kate oakey

Hi Louise,

Love seeing the pictures from your journey into hat making. I am a complete beginner and after watching cocktail hats lesson 23 I am dying to get a block to try. I was just wondering where you purchased your block from as I am also in the UK? I would like to start out with buttons and am looking at a 5" and 7" size.

Louise Holder

Hi Kate,

I have purchased a number of hat blocks from:   http://www.hatblocksdirect.co.uk 

They are really good and very careful in their packaging as well as lead times to have it made and delivered. I also looked on Ebay, you can pick up a block sometimes quite reasonably priced, however I would watch out for those not looked after i.e. split wood, etc. 

Making these gave me some confidence and encouraged me to continue with headpieces.  I would love to see your creation of a cocktail hat. This is a good season to start I would imagine Kate. 


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