Which Milliner do you mostly admire?

We all look at hats created by other milliners and there is always someone who stands out in the crowd.

- maybe a celebrity milliner or maybe a fellow member here in Hat Academy.

 Which Milliner do you mostly admire and why?

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I love fashion designers from the 20's and 30's. In my eyes, they started modern fashion design as we know it. But Elsa Schiaparelli was one of the world's leading fashion millinery designers. Her designs were bold, bright and every now and then, broke the rules on design. She worked with Salvador Dali, Mae West , Greta Garbo and other famous people. Months ago, I was lucky enough to find one of her straw hats, in mint condition. The techniques used and craftsmanship were beautiful. I'll try to upload some photos of this beauty to share.

Elsa Schiaparelli is also one of my design heroes - I'm reading her autobiography at the moment and it's fascinating.

In terms of contemporary designers, I love Piers Atkinson's work, and I'd have to give Chloe Scrivener a mention too - she taught me millinery at the London College of Fashion, and is not only a talented milliner but a great teacher with endless patience! http://chloescrivener.co.uk/

I was thinking of taking the intensive course with Chloe there next summer. Did you have experience when you attended? I am taking the Hat Academy certification but I live in rural Northern California so I haven’t ever worked with another milliner in person and would like to.
Well I love Phillip Treacy and his amazing creations for Lady Gaga. Real head turners. And yourself of course Elaine! I am also following our own Bellinda Haase of Toowoomba on facebook, as she has some beautiful designs.
I do love Philip Treacy's pieces, also Jane Taylor and Rachael Trevor Morgan:-)


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