Now I have made a Collection of Hats I need to let the World know what I do and subsequently sell them. Any ideas where to start?

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Yes Cynthia we need to look @ it positively. I recall being @ a store and they were pricing cloche style felts for $55 and store owner told me they only pay $15 wholesale on the imported hat!! Years ago I heard a Melbourne milliner say there are no $$ in felts anymore but we need to look beyond that.

Quality of finish and unique trims particularly vintage style is our plus. As milliners we also provide a service for those who have large heads or very small heads and require a particular style/colour. Happy hatting

Getting connected to social media could be a good start due to the undeniable popularity of FB, Twitter...  I think it could be quite effective if the comments and context placed within the current issue or trend.

Start with social networks, they're perfect platforms for selling goods. You don't even have to go out, plus it's easier for customers to find you using hastags etc. services like this will keep your account clean thus it'll be attractive for customers. I use it myself, it's not expensive and they are going to make some cool spam filters. Good luck anyway!


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