So glad you have joined us on Hat Academy! Feel free to share your hat or headpiece creations, join in or start a hatters discussion. Remember online help is a click away.

To begin with Millinery Courses check out the Get Started page for learning with Hat Academy.

• Video lessons are accessed via video streaming, available on all browsers with any modern device.

• Read course descriptions and watch the preview to get an outline on what is taught.

• After course purchase please allow order processing time, you will be notified with lesson access details.

I am looking forward to sharing millinery techniques, inspiration and news with you.

Enjoy, Elaine & Team.

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my creations

Thanks for the warm welcome, Ill be in touch with my experience very soon!



Am so happy to have joined waiting for the next level

Thanks very much for your words. From a teacher to a teacher in differente fields: a really good teacher is whom generously share the own knowledge for students become better than one.

Thank you Elaine! i'm looking forward to the experience!

Thanks and looking forward to that


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