So glad you have joined us on Hat Academy! Feel free to share your hat or headpiece creations, join in or start a hatters discussion. Remember online help is a click away.

To begin with Millinery Courses check out the Get Started page for learning with Hat Academy.

• Video lessons are accessed via video streaming, available on all browsers with any modern device.

• Read course descriptions and watch the preview to get an outline on what is taught.

• After course purchase please allow order processing time, you will be notified with lesson access details.

I am looking forward to sharing millinery techniques, inspiration and news with you.

Enjoy, Elaine & Team.

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What a week !! Don't forget to enter competition using your free button block

Lovely you have joined me here Kathleen- Elaine

Hi Elaine, 

Its was wonderful to meet you and we can't wait to see what you have installed for us! 

:-)  House of Adorn


I am so pleased to get started.

Kathi M.

Hi Elaine,

I'm so glad that I found your website. I am constantly watching classic movies from the 1930s,40s, 50s...and have fallen in love with the style and elegance of the hats from those periods. I have wanted to take millinery course(s) for quite some time now. So this is a wonderful opportunity for me to gain experience in millinery!  I am particularly looking forward to learning how to create hats in felt fabrics. Thank you so much for creating this website :)


Richelle Charles

Hello dear and thank you for that wonderful introduction and your generous spirit . I certainly would love to learn so much more. May I ask if someone know where I can buy prongs by themselves? (they are usually found with the elastic) so I ca customize them myself.. thank you


Hi Catherine, No those spikes/prongs on end of elastic not available without elastic due to process required to clamp into elastic. I teach students to just double knot each end of hat elastic piece and stitch on to save cost of purchased elastics. Ask House of Adorn for bulk purchase plus use code ha4u to receive discount

Slides= combs or wired prongs you can make yourself  in discussions

Hope this is helpful - Elaine

I am so delighted I found Hat Academy and look forward to building a lasting friendship.

Dianne Isbell

HATS by DI-Anne

Happy New Year Dianne

Look forward to sharing with you

Have fun Hatting


Mrs. Elaine,

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.  The lessons are very reasonable and although I am not working at this time I feel like you are that blessing I have been looking for.  May God bless you as you retire will all that you desire.  Thanks so much.  A new fan.

Love and Hugs,


So pleased you are finding my site helpful

Lord Bless you too Phoebe and supply all your needs in 2014


Wow! Cant wait to get started! I know this will take time, but I want to do this for so long! Thank YOU Elaine for giving us this online!

Looking forward to sharing with you Johann- then ask me any questions as a resource to achieve + sooo much fun - Elaine


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