Hello everyone!  

I am new to millinery but am in love!  I am currently taking an awesome millinery class offered at my local community college.  The fashion department has 50+ blocks!  I was wondering if anyone here has done, or knows of successful ways to copy a block?  

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The easiest way is to find a hat blocked on the hat block you like.  Spray it with cooking spray, and then fill with spray insulation.  Once it is set, you take the hat off, and have a block.

Won't the cooking spray ruin the hat?

I too saw that youtube video and tried it on several hats salvaged from the thrift store and it does not work. :-(

A word of caution if I may... Unless the blocks are vintage or basic crown and brim shapes you may be stealing the copyright design of whoever made the hat blocks. There are over 30 block makers and most will brand the blocks and do own the rights to the design. It much nicer to honor the designer and buy the block from them if you can find them.

Yes you can fill a blocked form with expanding foam or plaster, (easier said than done, I know, I have done done it) and the end result can be and usually is far from satisfactory...not to mention the mess!

Enjoy your millinery adventure Monika

I just read this response and that is truly a good point. Starting out is rough with all the things you need to buy but after thinking of it from that perspective I agree that it is may not fair to the block maker. Sometimes it just helps for someone to give you a different perspective since I imagine none of wants to cheat another artist but we be doing it and not even realizing it. Food for thought. Thanks


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