Very thin organza - do you stiffen?

Hello dear milliners, 

Apologies if the question comes as a silly one or goes against all millinery rules.

I have very thin bridal organza and would like to make a bridal flower headpiece (rose or peony) and I wonder what would happen if I don't stiffen the silk. Has anyone tried making flowers from vey thin and delicate bridal materials without stiffening? My concern is that with every stiffening method such delicate silk looses its touch and feels like paper. Is this normal?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi not really unless you resort to the old fashioned glucose and starch mix! In today's modern millinery you need to buy thin fusible web...which is similar to bondaweb you use for clothing as it becomes transparent after its ironed!  If not your last act of desperation and determination is to buy PVA glue...soak the amount of fabric you want to stiffen into flowers in a mix with water and hang to dry then cut out your petals occasionally using slightly damp fingers to form/curve shape blow drying  gently as fabric obeys yr command!


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