Vegan felt cones - anyone know a supplier??

Hi everyone, this may seem like a really strange request, but I'm looking for the kind of felt that is made from recycled plastic bottles or the like, ie not from an animal... I know it there is a company who uses it in America, but I was wondering if anyone has come across a supplier selling them? I can find flat pieces of felt, but not suitable for blocking with. I'm in the UK but it doesn't have to be a UK supplier, I'd go worldwide!!

Thanks just in case!!! 


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Hello Dear

You can check in the US they ship, felt is made 100% i believe from recycled bottles

Best Catherine

Thanks Catherine, the vegan felt is quite easy to find, but I'm specifically looking for vegan felt shaped into cones for blocking hats with. Searching in vain, I think! But thank you so much for your reply. 



Did you ever find a supplier of vegan felt cones? I am also looking. I have seen a few companies making hats with vegan felt but I can't seem to find any myself. 

Hi Charlie, 

I'm guessing you're the same Charlie who emailed me today already?? :-)


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