Hi everyone!

I was wondering if any of you have any suggestions for using up all my scraps and corners of left-over sinamay? It doesn't necessarily have to be for millinery!! I just can't bear to throw any of it away!

I make these flowers, and they can have some small petals. I run them through the iron to seal them so they don't fray. I would love some other ideas though?! 

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Yes all those corner pieces left after making brims! Never throw away. In Bow lesson I teach how to use to make bows and in Hand crafted flowers to use them to make  a lily. Plus the patchwork brims are all about using scraps. ....But I did have too much at one stage & donated to local kindergarten for craft fun.   

I think I have the bows and flower lessons, I will check those out. And patchwork brims sound very interesting! 

Thank you, 

Rachel :-) 

Beautiful Flowers n really Beautiful Idea. 

Thank you for sharing.

Hi I do not throw anything away. I mostly use those to make rolled edge leaves.I love those yellow flowers, how did you seal them?

Hi Jeanie, 

Holding the base, I press an iron onto them and pull them out so they stretch a little and that seems to be enough to stop them fraying :-)  Turn the steam off though so you don't scald your fingers!! 


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