UK is this appropriate or insulting?

I am a Navy Vet in USA and I know November 11th is a very special day.

A designer asked me to make some hats for her London show sometime between Sept 9-12

My question is I made this hat with 1 Poppy I wanted to honor fallen vets but am questioning myself now.

Is this appropriate or insulting?

Thanks, Lisa

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Hi Lisa, 

I think that's a really lovely hat and very tasteful. I can't imagine why anyone would find it insulting. 


I agree Rachel. In Australia many milliners have added poppies to headwear in honour of those Australian soldiers we lost in WW1. Plus often see garments featuring red poppies which is so lovely. Hope the Show goes well Lisa and you receive enquiries for your headwear -E xx 

Thank you for the answer. ELaine   plus thank you for all the encouragement that is put out on instagram.  I have no clue how you can keep up with everyone :-).

Have a great day 

Lisa Greene 

Thank you Rachel,  

In the USA  there is so much confusion  over veterans and fallen soldiers those of us who have served sometimes don't even claim being a vet it just isn't  worth the hassle.

Which was why I asked I got scared that other countries  might think the same way.



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